3dinfo prints wrong header line labels

AFNI version info (afni -ver): 24.0.12

Dear AFNI developers:

3dinfo will print wrong labels for some attributes. Here is my example. To illustrate the problem clearly, another reference header was added manually.

echo "file_name,ni,nj,nk,nt,oriention,adi,adj,adk,obliquity,\
      q(s)form_code,unscaled_min,unscaled_max,TR" >> ${outfile}

3dinfo -prefix -ni -nj -nk -nt -orient -adi -adj -adk \
       -obliquity -nifti_code -dminus -dmaxus -tr \
       -atr_delim "," -header_line \
       ${epi_all[@]} >> ${outfile}

The finally csv file is like this:

In addition, dminus and dmaxus values all has a "|" suffix, which should be the delim to seperate sub-brick values.

By the way, I don not understand what "scaled by fac" means for dmin/dmax. Can someone explain it in detail?

Best wishes
Yiyuan Ren

Hi, Yiyuan-

-atr_delim ... is for putting a delimiter between attributes. It is sb_delim ... that delineates properties between subbricks. So, add -sb_delim '' to your command to pick what separates attributes across subbricks---that will get rid of your vertical lines.

I see what you mean about the header line. Will have to take a look into 3dinfo. A quick look didn't produce something obvious.


Dear Dr Paul Taylor:

According to its help file, dminus/dmaxus and dmin/dmax are not attributes of sub-bricks. They describe the whole dataset. You have confused them with min/max and minus/maxus, which produce one value per sub-brick.

The solution your provide is a practical workaround. But it's better to solve it in the source. I am learning how to use git. I hope someday I can help you fix some bugs.