Dear AFNI experts,
Some time ago, we analyzed resting-state data using 3dGroupInCorr. We used this script

-batch XYZ Bzdok_CoordinatesIRIec.txt
-setA MM_RestingState_motion0.4.grpincorr.niml
-labelA MM_Motion0.4
-seedrad 5
-covariates Covariates_IRIec_grAge.txt

Which gave us the output that we wanted, namely the network of regions associated with the anterior insula and the network of regions correlated with the AI as a function of a covariate, which was empathy scores.

We were asked by a reviewer to run a similar analysis but this time constraining our analyses with the covariate, to regions that would have been identified by the AI network without the covariate. In other words, they want us to run the same analysis with the covariate but include a mask which would be the AI network. I looked at whether I could do this with 3dGroupInCorr, but I did not find the option to include a mask something similar to what we can do in 3dANOVA. Is there a way around this?

Thank you in advance for your help,



3dSetupGroupInCorr includes a “-mask …” option—you can run the demo in parallel, using a mask at that stage?