3dGroupInCorr: Include/exclude by label?

When using 3dGroupInCorr, is it possible to exclude a subset of the data in an existing niml/data file based on the labels applied to the data? Put another way, is it possible to generate an all-inclusive niml/data file with 3dSetupGroupInCorr, and then later consider only certain participants or sessions by filtering with labels at the 3dGroupInCorr stage? Thanks!

Not at this time. The only way to do that would be to use 3dExtractGroupInCorr to break individual datasets out of the .niml/.data files, then reassemble the subset you like with 3dSetupGroupInCorr.

I can consider adding this subset capability as an option, but I don’t know when I will get around to it. I am glad to hear someone using 3dGroupInCorr, since it doesn’t seem to get much love, and I feel it is a nice tool. Of course, I wrote it, so I’m biased that way.

Hi Bob,

  Many thanks for the quick response!  3dGroupInCorr is a great utility — I'm a fan.  Having include/exclude capabilities would be handy, but I know you're plenty busy.  :D  Best,