3ddeconvolve - different contrasts, same clusters


I am trying to do a basic contrast between conditions during a localizer run and am having some issues. I originally ran the following 3ddeconvolve line where my input file was preprocessed to pb03. After, I didn’t find many significant clusters, so I thought I would try with a pb05 input file. I ended up finding (for multiple subjects) that my two GLT contrasts were producing the same exact clusters with the same coordinates when I ran it with the pb05 data. The pb05 clusters actually match the pb03 clusters for the animate-inanimate contrast as well. The only one that differs from the others is pb03’s word contrast. I checked the .1D timing files and they all have different times (ex. 40.65 49.71). I am just trying to figure out how this would even be possible if the input times are different between conditions? I am hoping there is something obvious here I am overlooking?

		3dDeconvolve -force_TR 2.25 -input functional_loc_ns+orig.HEAD -polort A \
		-num_stimts 9 -basis_normall 1 -float -local_times           \
		-stim_times 1 TimesAnimals.1D 'BLOCK(4.5,1)'              \
		-stim_label 1 Animate       					         \
		-stim_times 2 TimesObjects.1D 'BLOCK(4.5,1)'              \
		-stim_label 2 Inanimate\
		-stim_times 3 TimesNonword.1D 'BLOCK(4.5,1)'              \
		-stim_label 3 Nonword\
		-stim_file 4 'dfile.rall.loc.1D[0]' -stim_base 4 -stim_label 4 roll \
		-stim_file 5 'dfile.rall.loc.1D[1]' -stim_base 5 -stim_label 5 pitch \
		-stim_file 6 'dfile.rall.loc.1D[2]' -stim_base 6 -stim_label 6 yaw \
		-stim_file 7 'dfile.rall.loc.1D[3]' -stim_base 7 -stim_label 7 dS \
		-stim_file 8 'dfile.rall.loc.1D[4]' -stim_base 8 -stim_label 8 dL \
		-stim_file 9 'dfile.rall.loc.1D[5]' -stim_base 9 -stim_label 9 dP \
		-gltsym 'SYM: Animate - Inanimate' \
		-glt_label 1 AnimateMinInanimate \
		-gltsym 'SYM: .5*Animate +.5*Inanimate -Nonword' \
		-glt_label 2 WordMinNonword \
		-tout -fout -bucket loc_decon

I did get these warnings:
*+ WARNING: Smallest FDR q [11 AnimateMinInanimate_GLT#0_Tstat] = 0.108797 ==> few true single voxel detections
*+ WARNING: Smallest FDR q [12 AnimateMinInanimate_GLT_Fstat] = 0.108793 ==> few true single voxel detections

Please let me know if there is another piece of information that would be useful here…

Thank you!