3dANOVA command line error

Thanks in advance for your help with this issue.

I am attempting to run 3dANOVA for comparing a single measure across 3 groups (grp1, grp2, grp3) but I encounter the following error. Any suggestions on how to fix the issue?

**Error: Unrecognized command line option: 1
Here’s hoping these excerpts from ‘3dANOVA -help’ enlighten:
‘(1) Faces, (2) Houses, and (3) Donuts’
‘-dset 1 filename : data set for factor level 1’
‘-dset 1 filename data set for factor level 1’

My script is set as up recommended by 3dANOVA -help:

3dANOVA -levels 3
-dset 1 path_to_file/input_file
-dset 1 …
-dset 1 …
-dset 2 path_to_file/input_file
-dset 2 …
-dset 2 …
-dset 3 path_to_file/input_file
-dset 3 …
-dset 3 …
-mask path to file/mask
-ftr group
-mean 1 grp1
-mean 2 grp2
-mean 3 grp3
-diff grp1vsgrp2
-diff grp2vsgrp3
-diff grp1vsgrp3
-contr 1 1 -1 grp1grp2vsgrp3
-contr -1 1 1 grp1vsgrp2grp3
-contr 1 -1 1 grp1grp3vsgrp2
-bucket prefix

Feel free to post your entire command in a code box. But likely caused by not having a backslash continuation at the end of each filename. In linux/unix a "" will tell the shell to continue to the next line and keep reading inputs. So each line in the command should end with that except the last one.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your feedback. I did have a "" following the last line. I removed it but that did not resolve the issue. Same error.

Hi Jesse,

Peter had a good suggestion to post the entire command. If you are uncomfortable doing that, please feel free to mail me the script file (click on my name for the address).

  • rick

Thanks for the script. The -diff options are missing indices. I will try to clarify that failure.

Note that there is gen_group_command.py to help write such commands (though it does not really help with -diff and -contr, say).

  • rick

Thanks Rick. Adding indices to the -diff argument fixed the issue.