2x2 design analysis

Hello experts,

I wold like to ask for advice on setting up an analysis.

I have a 2x2 experimental design with two unbalanced groups fMRI data.

The questions are -
(1) in the control group, which areas are associated with factor A, factor B, and factor AB, and
(2) In the regions identified from Q1, does the measure in the experimental group differ from the control group for factor A, factor B, and factor A
B .

I would like to add the covariates age, sex, and head motion to this model.

So, the 2 factors are within subject variables, and the groups and covariates are between subject factors. From what I understood from the handouts and threads here, I should use 3dMVM or 3dLME. I also saw one where Gang has suggested to use a 3dttest++ instead for each comparison directly.
I would appreciate you advice. Thanks a lot!


Use 3dMVM since you have multiple explanatory variables.