1d_tool.py unmatched error

Dear afni users,

I am trying to run afni_proc.py but I keep receiving the same error; Unmatched. Any help will be highly appreciated.

++ Output dataset ./mask_group+tlrc.BRIK
1d_tool.py -infile dfile_rall.1D -set_nruns 1 -demean -write motion_demean.1D
1d_tool.py -infile dfile_rall.1D -set_nruns 1 -derivative -demean -write motion_deriv.1D
1d_tool.py -infile dfile_rall.1D -set_nruns 1 -show_censor_count -censor_prev_TR -censor_motion 0.2 motion_bil
total number of censored TRs = 18
set ktrs = 1d_tool.py -infile motion_${subj}_censor.1D -show_trs_uncensored encoded

1d_tool.py -infile motion_bil_censor.1D -show_trs_uncensored encoded
Unmatched '.

Hi Myriam,

I don’t actually see a single quote on the screen, besides
in the error message. Are you able to mail me the actual
proc script and also the output.proc file, or even just the
proc script if you do not have both?

I will PM you with my email address.


  • rick